Happenings In Chemistry

Factory BusinessAlthough numerous techniques of accounting are in evidence much earlier, the roots of contemporary accounting methods seem to lie with Italian merchants in Florence within the thirteenth century. The Italian city states of the time had been the financial powerhouses of Europe, experiencing fast urbanisation, innovating in commerce and lying on necessary trade routes. Merchants were usually not producers themselves, they bought and bought to make a revenue, and were therefore skilled at calculating costs and profit margins. The growing ranges of trade, and wealth, gave rise to the necessity for improved report conserving. As the world as soon as once more fell into conflict, Royal Enfield rose to the event to supply a sequence of motorcycles for navy use, probably the most famous of those being a 125cc bike called the ‘Flying Flea’. It was also called the ‘Airborne’ due to its capability of being dropped by parachute. Particular … Read More

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